Wanganui Scenery

The attractive stream region of Wanganui is situated on the Western shore of New Zealand’s North Isle, just 2 ½ hours’ drive from the capital, Wellington. The area itself depends on the South Taranaki Chew near the mouth of the Whanganui River and is known for its parklands and supplies, riding a bike and walking paths and for its brilliant artistry and lifestyle.

Wanganui means ‘Big Bay’ or ‘Big Harbour’, and as the name indicates, there is an in-depth religious, social and traditional relationship between the natives and the stream. There is a local saying ‘I am the stream, the stream is me’, that catches the strong connection between the two.

With a population of 43,000 Wanganui is big enough to be brilliant, but small enough to provide a relaxed, relaxing and romantic vacation for your next holiday. The town’s brilliant city center makes it a great base for those who want look around the astonishing landscapes of the Wanganui region. For those looking for comfortable and established housing the Quality Inn College provides a spa, small gym, café, cafe and bar to keep you rejuvenated after a lengthy day of touring.

Whanganui River

Explore the strong twisting rich waters of the Whanganui River by kayak, jet boat or exercise cleaner. New Zealand’s lengthiest navigable river, the 290 km lengthy Whanganui River operates from Install Tongariro to the sea and is enclosed by amazing and strong hill country that is a pleasure to discover. Take a attractive kayak journey for the best opinions of the amazing mudstone structures, extreme hills and blade distinct coves that line financial institutions of this magical river. Or vacation the attractive Whanganui River Road to see agriculture towns, water generators and wonderful Marae plants.

Wanganui Nationwide Park

Explore the local lowland jungles of Wanganui Nationwide Recreation area, renowned for its numerous birdlife. Discover the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ across Mangapurua Stuff and take a journey back in history to an separated beginning revolutionary hill agreement discontinued in 1942. The Recreation area is known for its kayak and kayak safaris. Why not vacation up stream and visit the local Tieke Marae run by local Maori and see traditional traditions in action?

Arts and culture

Wanganui has a rich social culture centred on the Whanganui River that was once a major transportation path for Maori and beginning residents as well. The area itself is set right on financial institutions of the astonishing twisting stream and is exploding with social and traditional attractions to discover.

A journey to Wanganui would not be complete without a journey of the A queen Recreation area social hub in the heart of city. Within the A queen Recreation area precinct you will find the enduring Sarjeant Collection, Whanganui Regional Collection and War Funeral Centre. Why not pack a have a eat outside and enjoy opinions of the stream from one of the A queen Recreation area green areas. Or board the popular Subterranean Lift from the War Funeral and experience amazing opinions of the hills from Durie Hill. There are steps to the top for those who like to take in the astonishing landscapes by foot.