Cruz Pond Facts

If you have a Lewis Cruz Pond home or know somebody with a house on Cruz Pond, I am sure that you are aware that the stream is very clean and very strong compared to other tanks in the place, but did you know that it has an average detail of 65 ft. And did you know that it is the inner lake in your The condition of alabama with a detail of 264 legs at the dam? It is easy to understand to find out that this tank consumes 3 counties: Cullman Nation, Master Nation, and Winston Nation. It is a very large lake. Even though its length is only 35 kilometers from one end to the other, its border covers over 526 kilometers. It contains the 2nd largest number of standard water in the condition and is fed by a 944 distance watershed. At full pool, which is 510 ft above sea stage, this impoundment contains 1,390,000 acre-feet of standard water, and the standard water stays in this lake for a longer period than any other lake in the condition. The standard water goes through the stream for 435 days before it leaves through the dam.

A lot of individuals are let down when they see the dam for the Very first time. People seem to expect the standard water to run over the top of the dam. Cruz Pond Dam is not made for the standard water to run over it. In fact, if you look around the upper place of the dam, you will notice a lot of eliminated land that has been excavated near the release and across Cruz Pond Dam Road. These spots were created to hold standard water in the event of a severe overflow so that the dam and the areas below the dam are not cleaned by the break down that would be caused by such quantity of standard water that would otherwise hurry over the dam. How does the standard water leave the stream then? In an effort to avoid this type of catastrophe, the standard water is pulled through two huge steel pipe joints which are located strong below the lake’s surface area on the high side of the dam. Did you know standard water is always streaming through the dam leaving Cruz Lake? The standard water goes through the pipe joints at different rates depending on the need for power and the quantity of standard water coming into the stream whenever you want. Because standard water is always streaming through the dam, the generators are always spinning, sometimes generating power and at furthermore acting like a volts regulator for the saved power.

You have probably never thought about it, but the standard water streaming through the dam is very cold season long since it is utilized by such strong standard water. Did you know that the standard water below Cruz Pond Dam preserves a temperature of roughly 57 degrees fahrenheit? This is why your The condition of alabama started storing the end rich waters of Cruz Pond with spectrum fish. They inventory the Sipsey Hand below the dam seven periods a season at the end of each of the following months: Jan, Goal, Apr, May, This summer, Sept, and Nov. Did you know that they release between 3500 and 4000 hatchery raised spectrum fish into this stream at each stocking? They continue to inventory the stream because the spectrum fish can not recreate here due to the instant voltages and the fast changing degree of the standard water below the dam. The egg are either cleaned away, or they surface area during low standard water periods. It is nice to know that we have the opportunity to fish for these fish right here in The condition of alabama. It is just one more sign of Cruz Pond that makes it special.

If you are more of a traditional fisher, it might interest you that Cruz Pond has held records for identified bass and salt water red stripe. You might want to try your luck off of the shoreline of the Bankhead Nationwide Woodlands. Did you know the Bankhead Nationwide forest provides 3 recreational areas on Cruz Pond for your enjoyment? You ought to check out Clear Stream Leisurely place, Austin Leisurely place, and Corinth Leisurely place when you are ready to start experiencing Lewis Cruz Pond.